Procedures & Rules

Conditions of entry to the pool.
1. Those that pay to swim on a regular or irregular basis, and those they bring with them, or authorise to come instead of them, do so at their OWN RISK. The NATATORIUM shall not in any circumstances be held liable for any injury, illness or accident or loss of, or damage to property however caused, directly or indirectly, in or out of the swimming pool. (ONLY
2. Where only two are swimming together, one must be an adult and the other over 13 years old. Both must be able bodied so that in an emergency either is able to run to the Jones Family house to seek assistance. None of The NATATORIUM are lifesavers and you should be prepared to telephone 999 for help if necessary.
3. Children under the age of 7 years, and any non-swimmer of any age must be accompanied in the water by an adult or competent swimmer aged 13 years or over. In the latter case, a parent or adult must be present at the poolside at all times. Each adult may not have more than two children under 7 years in their charge or one non-swimmer. Because of the depth of the pool non-swimmers must wear armbands or other means of support unless undergoing instruction from a qualified instructor.
4. Children under the age of 11 years (whether swimmers or not) must be accompanied by an adult, who may not be responsible for more than three children under the age of 11 years. No exceptions can be made to this rule unless a child holds the A.S.A. Bronze Personal Survival Award and a copy has been lodged with the The NATATORIUM.
5. No one may swim on their own. If you are an adult or an adult with a child under 13 years (and other members of your party have failed to arrive.) you must contact The NATATORIUM and only swim if that member is available to watch over you (without in any way negating Rule 1.)
6. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. In the interest of safety swimmers must not jump on others or run round the pool, and quiet and orderly behaviour must be maintained at all times.
7. The NATATORIUM reserves the right to exclude or refuse entry to the pool building any person who is obstructive or whose behaviour threatens the safety or enjoyment of other swimmers.
8. The lifebuoy is for use in an emergency only.
9. Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building and preferably not on our premises.
10. NOISE. We do ask you to observe the “QUIET PLEASE” notice, because the pool building unfortunately amplifies sound so that an acceptable noise level within the building seems louder and offensive 50 yards away. Normal conversation does not react in this way but this nuisance to others is caused by high-pitched voices particularly of children, through screaming, shrieking and shouting.
11. The pool building must always be left tidy including:-
a. Everything must be removed from the water and the pool floor such as flippers, goggles etc., which should be put tidily on the shelf in the middle of the changing cubicles.
b. The lavatory door to be left closed at all times.
c. The cubicle doors to be left open when cubicles not in use.